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Custom Google Analytics Plugin for Webflow

Grow your business with free custom analytics insights right in your Webflow Designer with zero code.

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GA4 is hard, confusing, and needs coding. You will probably view general data without specific insights. That sucks.

A quick setup gets you dozens of custom reports and tracking out of the box right in your Webflow designer.

Monitor your Webflow site activity

like a G.O.A.T.

Custom events tracking

Connect your Webflow site with GA4, and track outbound link clicks, site clicks, form submissions, post types, and custom events.

Automatic data layer setup

You don't need to be a tech whiz to leverage powerful analytics. Our app's automatic data layer setup covers the technicalities for you. Enjoy the benefits of advanced tracking without the hassle, and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Preview analytics in Weblfow

Gain immediate access to crucial data without leaving the Webflow Designer. See the number of visits to your site and where the traffic comes from. Explore the audience demographics and monitor your site's performance in real time using Data Goat's user-friendly interface.

Track clicks

Discover how your audience interacts with your website with our comprehensive click-tracking feature. Get valuable insights into the buttons and links that receive the most clicks across your entire website.

Track website clicks

Identify the most engaging elements on your website. With click tracking, you can understand what attracts visitors and improve user interactions.

Track outbound link clicks

Discover which external links resonate with your audience and drive traffic to external resources.

Forms submissions

Track form submissions, analyze conversion rates, and gain valuable insights into your most popular gated content right out of the box.

Track form submissions

Monitor the performance of each form. Understand its impact on your lead generation efforts and get actionable insights to optimize and drive results.

Optimize and get more leads

Track form conversion rates and make data-backed adjustments to your copy and design to capture even more valuable leads. Identify potential pain points in your forms and optimize them for better performance.

Post tracking

Track the performance of your blog posts and gain invaluable insights into their popularity. Armed with this data, you can optimize your content to rank even better and engage your audience more effectively.

Top viewed pages

Data Goat offers a comprehensive view of your website's most visited pages. Identify your top-performing content and capitalize on its success.

Understand if your website actually performs

Preview user data for specific pages and the full website.


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Time spent

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Sessions and engagement time

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Easily connect Data Goat with Webflow

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Find the Data Goat app in the Webflow Apps section and click Install.


Sign up and authorize Google Analytics. Having GA set up is necessary to use Data Goat.

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Track site analytics like a GOAT in Webflow Designer for free!

See how to set everything up in our explainer video.

Stuck anywhere?

We have a tutorial library for connecting GA4 to your Webflow project, in addition to completely free support.

Gain free insights directly in your Webflow Dashboard

See all of these insights, completely for free and become a G.O.A.T. of your industry with our insights.

Main Features:
Track website clicks
Track website clicks
Forms submissions
Track website clicks
Post type tracking
Track website clicks
Track outbound link clicks
Track website clicks
Custom events tracking
Track website clicks
Install now. It's free!
Data goat Logo image

Gain free insights directly in your Webflow Dashboard

See all of these insights, completely for free and become a G.O.A.T. of your industry with our insights.